U.S. Benefit Update

Below is helpful information on each U.S. benefit plan, to include accessing online carrier sites, contact information and what to expect by the start of the plan year.


  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
  • Employees who are currently enrolled and staying with the same plan(HDHP/PPO) – your current health card is still valid and you may continue to use it.
  • Employees who have changed plans (HDHP to PPO/PPO to HDHP) or have enrolled in the medical planfor the first time – Health cards will be mailed to your home address.
  • Within the BCBSsite you can access a temporary health card, your claims, find a doctor, and deductibles. If you have not previously registered with BCBS you will need to provide the following group number during the registration process: HDHP (78921), PPO (78920).  You can also contact BCBS at 1 (855) 880-6350.
  • Kaiser (CA employees Only) – If you enrolled in a Kaiser HDHP for the first time, you will receive health cards at your home address prior to 3/1.  Kaiser Permanente contact information is 1 (800) 464-4000 or KP.org.

Dental and Vision / MetLife

  • Your member number for MetLife will be your Social Security Number (SSN) and company name ‘Avenu’. Through the MetLife site you can find a dentist, eye doctor, view your plan information and view your claims.
  • If you are new to MetLife, any time after 3/1, access the MetLife site and follow the steps for the registration process. If you need assistance you can contact MetLife at (866) 363-8669.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • BenefitWallet (HSA)
  • If you are currently enrolled in a HSA through BenefitWallet you will continue to use your current credit card. Access your BenefitWallet account at com and enter your User ID and Password. You will be able to view your account balance, total contributions, and payments. If you have trouble logging in or have questions about your account, contact BenefitWallet at (877) 472-4200.
  • If you are a new to this plan, you will receive an email from HR with registration instructions. Until you have completed the registration process your account will be frozen and we won’t be able to contribute your HSA contributions or Avenu’s employer HSA contributions. You will receive a credit card from BenefitWallet within 5 – 10 business days in the mail.

Healthcare (HC) FSA/Dependent Care (DC) FSA

  • Flores – If you haven’t already, you will receive an email from Flores with instructions for accessing the Flores site at flores247.com. If enrolled in the HCFSA, you’ll receive a credit card mailed to your home address.

Commuter Benefit Program

  • Flores – If you elected to participate in Avenu’s Commuter Benefit Program for eligible parking and transit expenses, your first contributions will be available in your account for use by 3/18 (the 1st benefit payroll deduction for the new plan year).

Accident, Critical Illness, and Legal Plan

  • MetLife – If you elected MetLife Accident or Critical Illness Coverage and/or MetLife Legal Plan for the first time, HR will forward you instructions on how to access MetLife’s online portal prior to 3/1. In the meantime, if you have any questions you can contact MetLife at 1 (800) GET-MET8.