Transitioning to a New Timesheet System Impacting All Employees

In December, we will be moving to a new robust timesheet system called Replicon that provides many additional features. This is a change that impacts all employees as all leave (PTO, Holidays, Me Days, etc.) which will also be requested and managed through Replicon.

What changes to expect:

  • New charge codes will be used for recording time – they will be focused on our products / services and tied directly to contracts
  • Simpler charge code selection – you will only see the projects you work on
  • Time off (PTO / Holidays / Me Days / etc.) will appear on your timesheet making it easier to account for and approve hours
  • MANDATORY TRAINING – New platform will require training for a smooth transition and to ensure everyone is paid correctly and on-time
  • Modern mobile app

Who will be required to enter a timesheet?

  • All employees or contractors who work on a product or service provided to a client or a special project classified as being capital expenditure (CAPEX)
  • All hourly or part-time employees
  • Salaried back-office/support staff will need to use Replicon to request time off, but will not be required to complete a timesheet

Why are we changing?

  • ADP integration for payroll processing, leave, and roster management
  • Consolidation to one timesheet system (currently there are 3 versions of TSheets)
  • Greater visibility into how and where we spend time
  • Ability to delegate timesheet approver when out of office
  • Consolidation of time-off management
  • On demand utilization & labor cost reporting for product / project
  • Compliance reporting to improve time entry accuracy and reduce time spent chasing incomplete timesheets
  • Rollup of time data (organization hierarchy established)
  • Increased control of permissions for reporting & charge code access
  • Archive non-active projects for improved project maintenance
  • Time savings in accurately reporting time

When are we changing?

  • Canada – starting Dec 1, 2022
  • US – starting Dec 5, 2022

When is the training?
It is critical that everyone attend the mandatory training session. For your convenience, we are offering several different dates and times to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule. If you are not able to attend one of these sessions, please contact your manager immediately.

Training will be held between November 17 – 22. Calendar invites will be sent in the coming days.

  • Each session will be run multiple times and recordings made available on CentralAve / HR & Payroll
  • There will also be training guides available on CentralAve / HR & Payroll next week

ALL employees are required to attend one of the “End User” training sessions. In addition, Supervisors/Managers will need to attend one of the Supervisor training sessions, and Project Managers will need to attend one of the Project Management sessions.

Target Audience Agenda Duration (Mins) Schedule
End User
  • Track Time, Timesheet Submission
  • Book Time Off Booking
  • Edit and Resubmit Timesheet
  • Edit/Delete Time Off Booking
45 Wednesday 11/16 @1pm ET
Friday 11/18 @10am ET
Monday 11/21 @11am ET
Tuesday 11/22 @2pm ET
  • Approval View
  • Approve/ Reject Timesheet
  • Approve/Reject/Edit Time Off Booking
  • Edit punches
  • (only for Non-Exempt employees)
  • Reports
45 Thursday 11/17 @10am ET
Friday 11/18 @1pm ET
Monday 11/21 @2pm ET
Tuesday 11/22 @10am ET
Project Manager
  • Project Access
  • Project Reports
45 Thursday 11/17 @1pm ET
Tuesday 11/22 @12pm ET

How do I get help or ask questions?
Questions should be sent to BU-Operations@avenuinsights.com