Transforming Avenu Solutions with Cloud-based Technology

In a recent interview with Joe Atwell, VP of Software Engineering and Eddie Nino, VP of Product Management, provided a high-level view and insight into Avenu’s ongoing transformation. Both Joe & Eddie fall under and work closely with Greg Graham, CTO on Avenu’s transformation initiative. What is the driving force?   Learn about the advantages this will bring to Avenu and more details of what it means to you in the following Q&A with Joe & Eddie.


Is there any cross over between the products?

That’s the exciting part –YES. Over time, different companies have been acquired and many products have been brought together under single portfolios. Many of these products have come together with overlapping capabilities and different technological advancements. So, what if each product had the “best of” capability for a particular function? And going one step further, what if we were able to add functionality to existing software that is working elsewhere in the company? Everyone would have the best of all worlds.


Is cross-functionality or the “best of all worlds” part of the future road map?

Yes, right now we’re developing product road maps that are aligned to the next three years. As we work on the evolution of each of our products each road map must be based on a model of data points that drive the decision-making process. Ultimately, we want to develop a cloud enabled platform that will support a suite of Avenu products that complement each other.


You mentioned in our conversation that you’re focused on building a better product. What approach are you taking to accomplish this?

One area we’re focusing on right now is standardizing both product management and product development. We are currently performing an in-depth market analysis by solution to determine the level of maturity and scalability each of our solutions currently possess. Using this data, we will be able to determine a pathway forward to enhancing our current functionality and ensuring that each of our Go-To-Market products are cloud enabled and well equipped to deliver the highest level of operational efficiency to governments across the country.

We want to capture more data to improve our visibility into the customer experience and generate insights we can share among customers


What are the advantages of becoming a more cloud enabled software company?

The advantages are tremendous. It will streamline operations for Avenu, lead to better product management and road mapping, improve innovation and speed-up development. It also will transform how we think about the future. Overall, it will help us scale quicker, be ahead of the curve in market trends, build better products, and grow our revenue.