Transcribing History One Line at a Time

Plymouth Solicited Vendors across the Nation for the opportunity to Bid on their “Transcription and Digitization RFP.  The RFP solicited vendors to Transcribe 300-year-old handwritten pages including some of our County’s 1st Governance Documents in our country’s history. DPS transcribed the 1st Property Deed ever recorded in America. Pretty impressive!

This is the 3rd transcription project we are completing for Plymouth. This recent RFP is to transcribe 2.6 million lines for a total contract value of $600,300. The only reason we won this third installation is because of the quality this team delivers to our customers!

The dedicated Plymouth team is led by Sue Peterson, co-managing with Mindy Rathe as we ramp up a Transcription Team based in Mandeville, LA.  This team has transcribed 27,747 pages representing 1,135,719 Lines of History.  Great job and kudos to you all!

    • Nicole Alexander
    • Jessica Gabbard
    • Tiffany Hinshaw
    • Donna Holmes
    • Melody McCormick
    • Ashley Owens
    • Ann Parody
    • Linda Procopio
    • Jamie Rice
    • Heather Trovato
    • Jennifer Vickers
    • Tiffany Williams