The Future of Jury Selection

The City of Norfolk, Virginia had a problem…their jury response rates were steadily declining and ultimately reached a low of only 36%. To make matters worse, the Court had no way to track who had and hadn’t responded to a jury summons.

George Schaefer, Clerk of Court and Tom Larson, Chief Deputy Clerk, stepped up to address the problem and find a solution. In our recent case study, The Future of Jury Selection, learn how Norfolk, VA quickly implemented a new Jury Management Software that increased their Jury Response Rate by more than 50% and enabled them to:

  • Easily process jurors through qualification, summoning, check-in, courtroom assignments, and payment processing
  • Track summons and issue fines to increase accountability
  • Increase their Jury Response from 36% to 80%
  • Utilize data to develop targeted strategy based on low-response areas