Thanksgiving Letter from Avenu CEO Paul Colangelo

This year has been challenging for everyone both personally and professionally. It is during times of strife that taking stock of what we are thankful for is even more important and clear.

I am thankful to work with a resilient team who has responded to every challenge we have faced. Overnight many of us had to change where we work and how we communicate with each other and our customers. This is not an easy task especially when many employees are experiencing children at home who are learning online or elder parents that need to be cared for and protected. Thank you all for rising to the occasion and doing it with grace.

As a company, our services and solutions have never been more important to state and local governments as we assist in maximizing revenue through budget shortfalls, digitizing records so they are available to the public and remote staff while offices are closed, and automating workflows to keep their systems moving forward. Regardless of any personal challenges, you have continued to faithfully serve our clients.

I want to take a moment to personally thank all of you for everything you have done to make this year one we can all be proud of as an organization. Thank you for taking care of our customers and one another, for weathering difficult times, and for helping us build a better Avenu in so many ways. I am grateful for the team we have in place and I would like to thank each of you, all across the globe, for your contribution and dedication to Avenu.

You are truly a wonderful group of people and we are lucky to have you as part of the Avenu family.