Tenacious with a Heart of Gold: Meet Carolyn Atkinson, Esquire

Previous Experience Includes:
  • WV Deputy Treasurer for Unclaimed
  • Assistant General Counsel for WV State
    Treasurer Office
  • Past President of NAUPA
  • Chair of NAUPA’s committee for Revision
    of the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
  • Private Law Practice

Carolyn C. Atkinson, Esquire, is Avenu’s Director of Unclaimed Property Systems and Support. Evidenced by the sidebar to the right, Carolyn brings a wealth of experience. What you may not know about Carolyn is that her capacity and courage to open her heart to what is right for her family and those in need, is a true testament to her character.

Here’s a chance to learn a bit more about Carolyn both professionally and personally and how she raised five children with her husband while having a remarkable career.

Carolyn is a widely respected expert in state unclaimed property program administration and brings a wealth of experience in this arena. Formerly, she was the President of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), and a recipient of the distinguished NAUPA Lifetime Achievement Award. She also chaired NAUPA’s Committee for Revision of the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act and served as NAUPA’s co-adviser to the Uniform Law Commission. Professionally, she served in a number of roles including West Virginia Deputy Treasurer for Unclaimed Property, Assistant General Counsel for WV State Treasurer Office, and a lawyer in private practice.

While there is much to boast about her resume, there is nothing boastful about Carolyn who is humble with a tenacious spirit. It’s her tenaciousness that allowed her to pursue her law degree and professional goals while raising a family.

Carolyn in front middle row with her two sons and grandson. Backrows include her other son, husband, 2 daughters, grandchildren and sons-in-law.

Upon graduating from law school, Carolyn was already married and had two children. Her professional work was impressive, and her employers worked with her to provide the flexibility needed to balance work and family. Her second child was born with a disability but certainly not in Carolyn’s eyes who raised him to not have limits and to be a thriving and independent adult.

Most parents start thinking of empty-nesting plans as their children approach high-school graduation…but not Carolyn. She felt a calling to make a difference by providing a home to a child in need. Adoption is a big decision, but the family decided that they had the structure needed to love and support a child. Within a few years, Carolyn and her husband Rick went to Guatemala and adopted two children who are now both teen-agers adding to the joy of their family.

Please feel free to connect with Carolyn directly to learn more about how Avenu can better support your state’s unclaimed property system and support needs by emailing her at Carolyn.atkinson@avenuinsights.com.