Teamwork Triumphs: A $600K Success Story


What’s the magic ingredient behind Avenu’s astounding success? It’s teamwork, and our recent achievements with our newest acquisition, Interware, are a glowing testament to this fact.

During January’s Sales Kickoff, we unveiled the exciting news that Avenu would now provide cutting-edge payment solutions for jurisdictions, thanks to our acquisition of Interware. The room buzzed with excitement as Paul Colangelo’s motivational words filled the air, igniting a fire of ambition and collaboration.

Mike Portis didn’t waste a moment and reached out to his powerhouse Houston team: Alex Lake, Director of Audits, and Christina Villareal, Audit Client Services Manager. These seasoned professionals have both fostered relationships with Tax Administrators in Louisiana’s Parishes for the last 20 years.

What unfolded next is a tale of determination, skill, and incredible teamwork:

  • Discovery: Christina and Alex found that a staggering 40 out of 44 Parishes did not take credit cards.
  • Action: Christina and Alex wasted no time, scheduling a demo just two weeks later.
  • Expertise: Amanda Trubacz, our Pre-Sales Representative and Payments subject matter expert, led the demo with finesse.
  • Closure: Brandi Sanner, with her signature flair, closed the deals.

The end result? A jaw-dropping 7 signed deals, 4 more awaiting signatures, and 1 final demo pending. Together, these 12 deals will translate to a thrilling $1.23 Million in new bookings. And guess what? They aren’t done yet.

This isn’t just a success; it’s an extraordinary display of teamwork that epitomizes Avenu’s spirit and mission. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the stars of this story: Alex Lake, Christina Villareal, Amanda Trubacz, and Brandi Sanner. Your dedication, innovation, and collaboration have raised the bar.

Here’s to more victories, more teamwork, and an unstoppable future. Avenu is on the move, and we’re just getting started!