Taking Strategy to Heart & Securing New Business

Brandi Sanner Adds Deer Park, TX to Avenu’s Client List

The Texas Sales Team put a strategy in place and launched a campaign in April to secure new Sales & Use Tax (SUTA) clients for Avenu. Working closely with the Texas SUTA team, a “Top 100 Target Account List” of accounts was identified.

Brandi Sanner, Client Executive, took the strategy to heart and is climbing to “rock star status” as she is actively pursuing those on the list and securing new logo clients.

Her her hard work and 20 sales calls / demos paid off leading to phenomenal results. The City of Deer Park, TX not only signed a contract for our SUTA audit services, but our services gained popularity in Deer Park’s “special districts,” and we are now providing SUTA for their Fire Control District & Crime Control District. Brandi realized that providing SUTA services led to a natural conversation about Franchise Fee auditing as well as Short-Term Renal Administration, and Deer Park is very interested in adding those services in the future.

But wait—-there’s more. The City of Deer Park is not Brandi’s only success story in this campaign. She anticipates at least five additional deals that will close in 2022. One of these being the City of Longview, TX who just signed the for SUTA and Clearview Analytics.

Congratulations Brandi for doing an absolutely amazing job and making a difference every day!