Ready or Not – 5G Is Coming: Governments Need to be Prepared Today

5G has the potential to be particularly transformative for government, since it promises faster internet speeds and more performant networks for everything from data transfer to the burgeoning Internet of Things.

But governments need to start preparing now for the coming 5G transformation before it’s too late. Jonathan Gerth, VP of tax and auditing services at Avenu Insights & Analytics, outlines the steps governments need to take in his latest op-ed at Route Fifty. While 5G promises numerous benefits to state and local governments, it will also present governments with significant policy and infrastructural challenges. If governments don’t take a proactive approach in preparing for 5G, they will be caught off guard by these challenges. Governments can’t afford to wait.

Read on here to learn more about the impact 5G will have on the public sphere and how state and local governments can start preparing today.