Digital Government Strategies that Lower the Cost of Revenue Management

For the City of Vestavia Hills, in Alabama, effectively using data was key to navigating the challenges presented by the pandemic.

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In this episode, we talked with Jeff Downes, City Manager of Vestavia Hills. We covered:

  • The challenges faced with providing more with less
  • How their team leverages technology to provide better revenue management
  • How Vestavia Hills dealt with the declining revenue, and increasing operational costs faced by localities.
  • Utilizing different data sources to glean insight in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Some of the most surprising trends to come out of the pandemic, and what changes may be permanent

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First-Aid Kit for Cities: How Revenue Management Can Help Local Governments Withstand COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has decimated the revenue of state and local governments. Businesses are closing and citizens are spending less, generating deficits in tax income vital to many government budgets. In response, governments are firing employees and cutting key services just in order to get through the 2020 budgeting season.

But governments have access to an alternative. Paul Colangelo, CEO of Avenu, outlines this alternative in his most recent op-ed. Automated, data-driven and tech-enabled revenue management can rescue government budgets without requiring governments to eliminate employees and services or raise taxes. The key is leveraging new digital and automation technology to unlock revenue hidden behind opaque internal processes and poorly optimized government processes.

Read the full article in Forbes about the steps governments can take today to discover hidden revenue and weather the fiscal impact of the coronavirus crisis.

Avenu Offers Free Revenue Enhancement Assessment to Local Governments

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, local governments are confronting budget shortfalls as revenue drops and leaders work to support their community during the crisis. Many jurisdictions are trying to finalize budgets for the upcoming fiscal year while assessing how the economic downturn is impacting current forecast. The volatility of the unexpected economic situation makes this a daunting task.

Avenu has decades of experience working with over 3,000 local governments developing strategies to enhance revenue without raising taxes. Our team works with jurisdictions to identify noncompliance, secure lost revenue, and understand and project your jurisdiction’s tax future. Avenu works closely with government clients to realize revenue potential — while building business relationships that foster compliance for years to come.

Our team is uniquely prepared to support local governments through these challenging times. We have extensive real-world experience in handling crisis situations and front-line knowledge in preparing and implementing strategies to help cities and counties weather the storms and recover as quickly as possible.

We stand ready to partner with your jurisdiction by offering a free revenue enhancement assessment to help local governments with the revenue impacts of this crisis. Our assessment will help local governments seek guidance and gather feedback in one or more of the following areas:

  • Forecasting revenue through the economic crisis
  • Identifying additional revenue sources to cover budget shortfalls
  • Handling tax and license administration during COVID-19
  • Navigating COVID-19 Grant Funding for your community
  • Short-term cash flow strategies, and longer-term recovery planning

Virtual appointment times will be used to identify areas of need and a customized assessment will be provided to your team immediately following a short discussion

Sign up today and a member of our team will be in touch immediately.



Webinar: Digital Government Strategies that Lower the Cost of Revenue Management

As the demand for government services increases, maximizing revenue is even more critical. Avenu’s Tax & License Administration and software solutions can help your government get ahead of day-to-day operations while reducing long-term costs.Jeff Downes, the City Manager of Vestavia Hills, Alabama joins us to share how our partnership helped them recover $1.6 million.

Avenu processes more than $1 billion a year in taxes and fees for local governments. We look forward to partnering with your jurisdiction.

CLICK HERE to view the presentation.