Avenu Delivers Newly Preserved Books to Tallapoosa Alabama

Buying a home? Having a boundary dispute? Building a structure on your land?

Chances are you will need a plat map, also known as a plat which shows you how a tract of land is divided into lots in your county. It is drawn to scale and records the land’s size, boundary locations, nearby streets, flood zones, and any easements or rights of way.

Most homeowners receive a copy of their plat when buying a home. Tallapoosa County Alabama commissioned Avenu to preserve some books of plat maps, some of which dated back to the 1800s. Avenu’s Book Recreation Services were performed in our Mandeville, LA location to recreate these plat books and safeguard against further deterioration from handling the maps.

A picture is certainly worth a thousand words in this case, and if you look below you will see the before and after photos for Tallapoosa’s books.

“Tallapoosa’s plat books were falling apart. It was important to them to preserve the history of changes that have occurred, and they are beyond thrilled with the finished product,” shared Yolanda Watkins, Client Sales Executive. Yolanda also recently worked with the City of Mobile Alabama who is underway with a large preservation project. Avenu is preserving over 28 books that contain council minutes, and governance and historical documents for Mobile.


Dating back to the 1800s, here is a before and after glimpse of Tallapoosa County’s plat map books following Avenu’s recreation services.