Avenu Insights & Analytics Partners with TrueRoll to Revolutionize Municipal Revenue Enhancement

Avenu Insights & Analytics has partnered with TrueRoll, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the property tax space, to address the challenges of short-term rentals (STRs) and homestead exemption issues. By combining Avenu’s Short-Term Rental (STR) solution with TrueRoll’s Homestead Exemption services, the partnership aims to help municipalities save time, increase efficiency, and recover lost tax revenue.

Avenu’s Identification, Monitoring, and Full-Service Administration of Short-Term Rental Revenue coupled with TrueRoll’s Homestead Exemption solutions provide local governments with a powerful tool to tackle the complexities of the evolving short-term rental landscape. TrueRoll’s proactive Homestead Monitoring™ ensures real-time identification and removal of homestead fraud, preventing revenue losses for cities and counties.

Homestead fraud, a significant challenge for municipalities, results in lost revenue that could otherwise fund essential services such as schools, fire departments, police forces, and infrastructure projects. Avenu’s STR solution offers detailed insights into current listings, property activities, and rental statistics, allowing cities and counties to identify and address unqualified homesteads associated with short-term rentals. Together, the services identify and flag STR’s claiming exemption and identify primary residences that turn into rentals.

The Short-Term Rental (STR) industry, valued at $83 billion and growing, poses unique challenges for municipalities. The Avenu and TrueRoll partnership offers a holistic solution to proactively address compliance issues, prevent revenue losses, and ensure the efficient administration of homestead exemptions. Together, these two industry leaders aim to empower cities and counties to navigate the complexities of the modern property tax landscape with confidence and effectiveness.

Avenu Insights & Analytics Announces Strategic Acquisition of Judicial Innovations

Enhancing GovTech: A Strategic Leap in Government Payment Solutions with Judicial Innovations

Avenu Insights & Analytics (“Avenu”), the global leader in revenue recovery and administrative solutions for state and local governments, is excited to announce its acquisition of Judicial Innovations, a pioneering provider of cloud-based payment and case management solutions.

This acquisition marks Avenu’s second payment solution acquisition in 2024, underscoring its commitment to investing in government payment technologies and expanding its Justice Solution set including Avenu | Court, Avenu | Jury, and Avenu | Payments.

Judicial Innovations is recognized for its innovative approach to simplifying government payment processes through its fully integrated, user-friendly platform. This strategic acquisition not only aligns with Avenu’s dedication to enhancing its service offerings but also represents a significant step forward in combining powerful technology with practical, government-focused solutions.

Empowering Modern Government with Integrated Solutions

The integration of Judicial Innovations into Avenu’s suite of services creates unparalleled synergy, especially within Avenu’s Justice Solution suite. Judicial Innovations’ platform, known for its accessibility, robust reporting, and seamless integration capabilities, perfectly complements Avenu’s mission to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the dynamic needs of government agencies and their constituents.

A Future Focused on Innovation and Efficiency

Avenu’s acquisition of Judicial Innovations not only signifies a commitment to advancing government operations through technology but also highlights the importance of modern, secure, and efficient payment processing systems. “This acquisition is a testament to our strategic vision of creating a more cohesive, user-friendly experience for government agencies and the communities they serve,” stated Paul Colangelo, CEO of Avenu Insights & Analytics. “We are truly excited to partner with Avenu Insights & Analytics,” said Jarrett Gorlin, CEO of Judicial Innovations. “As a leader in the Justice and Payments market, this partnership represents a tremendous opportunity to further enhance our innovative solutions and expand our impact on government operations nationwide.”

For more information, please visit the official press release here.

Avenu Insights & Analytics Announces the Acquisition of Finvi’s State and Local Government Division

Elevating GovTech: Avenu and Finvi SLG’s Unified Vision for the Future

Avenu Insights & Analytics (“Avenu”), the global leader in revenue recovery and administrative solutions for state and local governments, is proud to announce the acquisition of Finvi’s State and Local Government (“Finvi SLG”) Division. This strategic move marks a significant expansion of Avenu’s offerings and capabilities in serving state and local governments.

The acquisition of Finvi SLG, a prominent player in cloud-based payment solutions and court-related software for local governments, is a landmark step for Avenu. It represents our commitment to providing comprehensive, innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of government agencies and the communities they serve.

Finvi SLG is well-known for its government software solutions that streamline operations, enhance revenue recovery, and improve constituent communication. Its flagship products, RevQ+ and FullCourt Enterprise™, have set the standard in omnichannel communication, data integrity, automated workflows, and modern payment solutions.

Empowering Governments with Advanced Technology

This acquisition combines Avenu’s extensive experience in enhancing government revenue, optimizing operations, and fostering community trust through digital solutions, with Finvi SLG’s proficiency in payment processing and court case management. The combined capabilities of both entities will offer governments:

  • Centralized software and services platform for enhanced citizen experiences.
  • Transformative court and legal system solutions, including the FullCourt Enterprise™ suite.
  • Revolutionary payment processing and operational efficiencies through Finvi’s RevQ+ solution.
  • Efficient service delivery models that maximize resource utilization and minimize costs.

A Future of Innovation and Excellence

As we integrate Finvi SLG’s solutions into our portfolio, Avenu renews its dedication to innovation, quality service, and client success. We are committed to a seamless transition that upholds the high standards our clients expect from us.

“The integration of Finvi SLG represents a transformative leap forward in our quest to revolutionize state and local government operations” said Paul Colangelo, CEO of Avenu Insights & Analytics. “The addition of Finvi SLG will enable us to offer a more comprehensive suite of solutions and services that will not only enhance government operations but also positively impact communities.”

For more information, please visit the official press release here.

Avenu Acquires Government Payment Solution Provider, Interware Development Company Inc. (Interware ®)

Providing Citizens with Dynamic Payment Solutions for a More Convenient & Modern Experience

Avenu Insights & Analytics, a global leader in revenue enhancement and administration solutions for state and local governments, announced its acquisition of Interware Development Company Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based payment solutions for local governments. The acquisition will provide Avenu’s existing clients with a new centralized payment platform.

The integration of Interware’s dynamic payment platform and Avenu’s mature government administration solutions  will enable the consolidation of current third-party payment processing providers. The result will be a streamlined level of service that transforms the way governments can address their workflow processes and help improve  staff productivity and resources, ultimately impacting efficiency.

Shared resources and an integrated strategy will enable the combined company to provide additional services and greater technical expertise to both client bases. The combined platform will allow state & local governments to more efficiently collect permitting & licensing, utilities and tax revenue.

“Governments are seeing an increasing need for an integrated payment solution software offering to streamline their administrative and budget activities and automate workflow processes,” shared Avenu CEO, Paul Colangelo. “The combination of Avenu and Interware will provide governments with a centralized solution to maximize their efficiency while shaping a more modern and convenient citizen experience.”

“We are very excited to join the Avenu family,” stated Interware Vice President, Nichole Sperry. “Our combined GovTech platform will deliver positive outcomes and  elevate the experience for all of our clients.”

For more information, please visit the official press release here.