Join our March 29 Webinar on Correcting the Imbalance of Underpaid Lodging Taxes

Avenu’s March 29 webinar will offer a case study and methodology for U.S. cities and counties to increase the revenue they are owed from local lodging operators.

Edmundo Calderon, chief internal auditor for El Paso, Texas, will present his city’s approach to recouping tax revenue, including how non-complying hotels are selected for audits, training, and administration of the collections as well as what non-financial benefits occur. Also presenting will be Avenu’s Ted Kamel, an auditor and client services manager, who will share best practices including:

  • Reviewing and updating local ordinances
  • Spotting opportunities for new lodging tax revenue
  • Identifying technology needs such as data usability and integrity
  • Prioritizing regular audits to ensure long-term compliance and fiscal health

Join us March 29 at 1 pm ET for the no-cost webinar Underpaid Lodging Taxes: How Local Governments Can Correct the Imbalance. Register here.