Avenu Goes Green with Index Prints

Did you know that it takes 238 trees to make 1,888 reams of paper which equates to 944,000 pages? Avenu prints 944,000 pages of Index Prints for our customers each year!

Avenu is committed to doing our part for a sustainable future.

Managing land records is already complex and receiving volumes and volumes of large binders with printed indexes is both time consuming and burdensome. Our clients have asked for it, and we’re delivering as Avenu goes green with Index Prints.

When cities and counties had to close their offices during the pandemic, Avenu responded by creating electronic searchable Index Print Reports as PDFs in addition to printing paper indexes. This enabled closed offices to email Index Prints and provided access to this business-critical data for researchers, attorneys and businesses that service the Title and Mortgage Industry. Each index print is a Printable PDF and easily searchable and offices can always print them if desired.

Join us as our Index Print services go completely green by January of 2022!