First-Aid Kit for Cities: How Revenue Management Can Help Local Governments Withstand COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has decimated the revenue of state and local governments. Businesses are closing and citizens are spending less, generating deficits in tax income vital to many government budgets. In response, governments are firing employees and cutting key services just in order to get through the 2020 budgeting season.

But governments have access to an alternative. Paul Colangelo, CEO of Avenu, outlines this alternative in his most recent op-ed. Automated, data-driven and tech-enabled revenue management can rescue government budgets without requiring governments to eliminate employees and services or raise taxes. The key is leveraging new digital and automation technology to unlock revenue hidden behind opaque internal processes and poorly optimized government processes.

Read the full article in Forbes about the steps governments can take today to discover hidden revenue and weather the fiscal impact of the coronavirus crisis.

Why and How Local Governments Should Start Automating During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted the economy. As a result, tax revenue is down, and many local governments are struggling to withstand significant budget shortfalls.

But cash-strapped governments can access new revenue simply by updating and automating their internal systems. In his new op-ed for Forbes, Paul Colangelo, Avenu’s CEO, explains why automation is imperative today and how it can help cities become more resilient against crises like COVID-19.

At its core, automation is increasing efficiency and productivity through digital technology. Far too many governments today are still reliant on outdated paper processes and inefficient manual labor. Automation can streamline the public workforce and equip governments to maximize their revenue streams while delivering higher quality services to their constituents.

Read more about the benefits of automation here.



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