Case Study: Streamlining Payment Processes

Avenu’s Virtual Terminal unified payment collection, managing credit card, cash, and check transactions within a single portal. This streamlined workflow resulted in increased revenue, citizen engagement, and operational efficiency. By offering various payment options, including online and over-the-counter, the town met constituents’ demands for flexible payment choices.

The impact of Avenu’s solution was profound. Lancaster witnessed a surge in credit card payments and online users, reducing delinquent accounts. With increased transparency and access to payment history, citizen engagement with the local government significantly improved.

Avenu’s Virtual Terminal provided the Town of Lancaster with a comprehensive and secure solution, streamlining payment processes and enhancing citizen satisfaction. By efficiently managing transactions and meeting modern technology’s compliance requirements, the town successfully achieved its goals.

Learn how a partnership with Avenu can modernize your payment collection and reconciliation in your jurisdiction.

Town of Lancaster, NH


Webinar: Digital Payments: Transforming Revenue Collection for Local Government

As technology advances and digital payments become increasingly popular, it’s crucial for local governments to stay current with the changing needs of their constituents. With Avenu’s payments solutions, you can stay ahead of the curve by providing a wide range of payment options both online and in-person. To demonstrate the impact of electronic payments, we shared a success story from one of our customer to showcase how implementing user-friendly payment options can significantly enhance constituent satisfaction and engagement.

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for you to gain insight into how electronic payment solutions can benefit your jurisdiction and streamline revenue collection processes.

The panel discussed:
• Advantages of implementing electronic payment solutions
• How user-friendly payment options enhance constituent satisfaction and engagement
• Challenges that local governments encounter in the current digital environment
• A real-life success story from a satisfied customer
• Robust security measures that protect sensitive payment data