Case Study: Revolutionizing Municipal Revenue Collection

The City of Nashua is a vibrant municipality with a population of over 91,000. As the city grew, its financial management systems became outdated and inadequate to meet the demands of governmental transparency and citizen involvement. The city’s reliance on paper-based processes, decentralized platforms, and outdated software resulted in delays, inaccuracies, and security vulnerabilities.

Recognizing the need for change, the City of Nashua turned to Avenu Payments for a comprehensive solution to streamline its payment process, enhance overall efficiency, and embrace the digital era. Avenu Payments offered a robust suite of products tailored to address the city’s unique challenges, including:

  • A virtual terminal for in-person and by phone credit card payments
  • An online revenue collection solution for 24/7 payments
  • A web-based dashboard for government employees to manage and monitor transactions
  • Payment API integration with existing software systems

By implementing Avenu Payments, the City of Nashua revolutionized its revenue collection process across a diverse array of departments. The City of Nashua successfully overcame the challenges presented by outdated systems and processes by leveraging Avenu Payments.

Avenu Payments not only enhanced the effectiveness of revenue collection, but also instilled a culture of innovation, citizen engagement, and governmental transparency. With Avenu’s support, the City of Nashua has set a new benchmark for local government financial management, proving that embracing digital solutions is key to a thriving and efficient municipality.

Learn how a unified payment platform can boost revenue and enhance citizen satisfaction.

City of Nashua, NH