Case Study: Reimagining Short-Term Rental Governance

The growth of short-term rentals (STRs) in Denver, Colorado was causing a number of community concerns, including noise complaints, public safety issues, overburdened trash services, increased traffic, and damage to neighboring properties. The City was struggling to monitor ordinance compliance and address these issues.

The STR challenge was having a significant impact on the city’s resources. The city was losing revenue from taxes and fees that would have been collected if the properties were rented long-term. Additionally, the STRs were placing a strain on community services, such as trash collection and police response. The city needed a comprehensive solution that would address the financial and social aspects of the STR market while ensuring strict adherence to local ordinances. The solution also needed to balance the interests of the homeowners, local businesses, and the wider community.

The city implemented a number of measures to address the STR challenge, including creating a new licensing system for STRs, increasing enforcement of STR ordinances and investing in community services to support the growing tourism industry. These measures have helped to mitigate the negative impacts of STRs on the city. The city has also seen an increase in revenue from taxes and fees collected from STRs.

Learn more about how to address the challenges posed by STRs while still benefiting from the economic and tourism opportunities they offer. By implementing a comprehensive solution that balances the interests of all stakeholders, cities can ensure that STRs contribute to the vibrancy and prosperity of their communities.

City of Denver, CO


Five Ways Avenu Maximizes Your Short-Term Rental Compliance

Are you experiencing a rapid growth in your Short-Term Rental (STR) community? It can be a challenge to keep up with monitoring, licensing, permitting, and overall tax collection. And non-compliant STRs also bring about neighborhood complaints, like safety, noise, trash, and parking, just to name a few.

As a local government leader, you need a comprehensive solution to help discover, identify, register, and collect all revenue from existing and unknown STRs in your community.

Avenu Insights & Analytics provides a Short-Term Rental monitoring, compliance, and Full-Service administration solution. An intuitive and easy to use software solution that evaluates your entire STR community and identifies those that are not in compliance. We help recover funds from newly discovered STRs and receive, post, and reconcile all STR filings and fee payments.

Learn the five ways Avenu helps maximize your STR compliance.

Contact Avenu today for a free customized dashboard for your community and see how we can bring your community’s Short-Term Rental properties into compliance, in short order.

CASE STUDY: How Rolling Hills Estates, California Lowered Costs & Increased Revenue

The business community is a vital part of any local government and managing it successfully is necessary to thrive. Cities have the challenge of businesses not complying through either misunderstanding the regulations or trying to fly under the radar. Non-compliance certainly leads to missing revenue, but what effects does using burdensome paper process have on administration?

Effectively managing revenue administration can make the difference between a balanced budget and a budgeting crisis. Yet jurisdictions face mounting challenges in keeping pace with the changes in technology, citizen demand for a digital experience, and increases in regulations which leads to more and more manual processes. Staff deal with challenges of not having enough manpower during business license renewal periods while juggling other critical projects.

To manage their revenue streams effectively, governments need data driven, cost-efficient, and streamlined technologies to maximize tax compliance and ensure they get the tax revenue that is owed to them.

Director and City Treasurer of Rolling Hill Estates California, Mike Whitehead, was seeking the ultimate tax administration solution that would significantly increase their compliance, unburden staff, process business licenses in a timely manner, be secure, and most of all, help businesses easily pay their business license tax online.

Rolling Hills Estates faced a number of challenges with business license administration, and maximizing compliance. After extensive research and collaboration with other jurisdictions, they made the decision to outsource their Business License Administration to Avenu. Did it make sense for them and to also outsource a compliance program?

Read the case study, and learn why the answer was a resounding YES!

Rolling Hills Estates, California