Avenu Insights & Analytics Launches the Clearview Justice Portal

“We’re thrilled to launch this state-of-the-art digital solution for streamlining the court system,” said Paul Colangelo, CEO of Avenu. “Avenu has decades of experience using digital technology to transform everyday procedures in government. Clearview Justice Portal makes court processes easier and more effective, in everything from managing jury attendance to storing and sharing court documents and information. It also provides citizens with a simplified and improved jury duty experience that is “contactless” and promotes social distancing.”

CJP features a flexible and extensible plug-in-based architecture that allows courts to implement and deploy CJP functionalities as needed. Additionally, CJP can integrate with non-Avenu supplied justice applications, enabling workflow improvements for any existing court system.

“Jury service is a vital civic responsibility and the cornerstone of the American judicial system,” said Keith Ellery, Avenu’s Justice Solutions Business Unit Owner. “But jury service today is difficult, time-consuming and labor-intensive. With CJP, we’re able to use digital and automation technology to make jury service simpler and more convenient than ever before. We think that’s a win-win for the courts and the broader public.”

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Originally published on PRWeb.