Lessons in Public Administration from the Legendary Merrett Stierheim

On this episode, we are joined by legendary public administrator Merrett Stierheim.

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Merrett Stierheim started as a government intern and rose to become the Manager of what was the largest Commission/Manager government in the United States, not once but twice.

In this episode of Local Government Insights, we find out how he did it, what advice he has for those interested in rising in the ranks of local government, and what he sees as the biggest challenges facing anyone today who serves in public administration. This episode includes his encounters with three U.S. Presidents and the Queen of England and much more.

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Avenu Renews Sponsorship of California City Management Foundation

Avenu has renewed its sponsorship of the California City Management Foundation (CCMF). This reflects the company’s acknowledgement of CCMF’s importance in elevating the city management profession in California through scholarships and programs.

CCMF provides critical support to California’s municipal executives throughout their careers. The educational and networking support, especially now when cities have so many competing priorities, is essential to the executives to thrive as leaders.

CCMF provides support to current and future city managers in several ways. The Wes McClure Scholarship is awarded to two graduate students who are currently serving in or are pursuing a career in local government. The Harvard Leadership Program Scholarship provides financial assistance for up to three current CCMF members who are accepted into the Harvard Leadership Decision Making program at the Kennedy School of Executive Education. For current city managers, CCMF offers the New and Future City Managers Seminar to guide and inform participants’ choices.

Through an alliance with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), the Foundation helps to establish ethical standards in the industry. CCMF also offers an array of members-only resources to help city managers develop their careers.

“CCMF is grateful for the continued support of Avenu. As a company built around the practice of helping local governments across the country maximize their revenue and function as effectively as possible, they are a valued partner of the CCMF organization,” says Wade McKinney, CCMF President.

Avenu Supports TCMA

In keeping with its history of supporting agencies and municipalities in Texas, Avenu will be sponsoring the Texas City Management Association Conference from June 21-24 in Galveston.

Client Executive Brenda Anderson

As a silver sponsor of the event, Avenu continues to demonstrate the value it places on local governments and its mission to provide accessible revenue solutions for agencies of all sizes. With this year’s conference theme of “Surviving the Riptide,” Client Executive Brenda Anderson will be on site to provide revenue management insight to attendees and answer any questions about getting your municipality through challenging times.

“Riptides can be intimidating and scary, but if you stay calm they are manageable – just like any budget problems you might face in local government. I’m looking forward to connecting with the cities and counties of Texas to show them that with the right tools, they can survive – or even prevent – these budgetary “riptides” with ease,” Brenda says.

Brenda will be on site all weekend, ready to address your city or county’s compliance solution needs and is eager to help ensure your agency is financially sound. Contact her at brenda.anderson@avenuinsights.com if you’d like to meet at the conference.

Jeff Kolin on City Preparation for Disaster

Retired city manager Jeff Kolin is an advisor to Avenu Insights & Analytics. Jeff lives in Santa Rosa, but like thousands of others, his home was destroyed by the wildfires of 2017. Jeff shares his personal insights and professional observations on the fires from his unique view as a public servant and fire survivor.

Retired City Manager Fran David on the New Normal in Municipal Finance

Hear Fran David, Avenu advisory board member and former city manager of Hayward, California, describe the changing nature of municipal finance and things public administrators need to consider before raising revenue with a tax measure.