Revenue Enhancement

Greater revenue begins with greater transparency. Our teams show governments where revenue should be coming from, while helping taxpayers understand and meet their obligations.
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Data & Analytics
  • Discovery & Recovery
  • Misallocation
  • Unclaimed Property Solutions

Compliance Auditing

Every compliance issue adds to a growing gap in your community’s resources. That’s why Avenu employs a nationwide team of certified examiners and accountants whose region-specific expertise has uncovered millions in underreported taxes.

Avenu dives deep into local ordinances, regulations, statutes, and laws to uncover every opportunity for growth. Where we find irregularities, we also provide best practices and education to prevent future errors. With constant monitoring, examining, and correcting, Avenu ensures ongoing and level compliance across your community.

Compliance Auditing Services
  • Alcohol Tax
  • Business License Tax
  • Business/Occupational Tax
  • Cannabis Tax
  • Franchise Fee Tax
  • Gasoline Tax
  • Hotel/Motel Tax
  • Rental & Lease Tax
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • Severance Tax
  • Solid Waste
  • Sugary Sweetened Beverage Tax
  • Tobacco Tax
  • Income Apportionment Services
  • Utility Users Tax

Data & Analytics

Get deeper, clearer insights into your community’s revenue with Avenu’s Data & Analytics solutions. We combine decades of national and regional experience with advanced software to deliver a precise snapshot of where you are today — so you can make more informed decisions about where you’ll be tomorrow.

Data & Analytics Products
  • Clearview Analytics
  • Annual Statistical Report Services

Discovery & Recovery

Avenu secures millions of dollars in escaped taxes and licenses for clients every year. With our help, local governments can simplify the process of discovering and recovering every possible tax revenue opportunity.

Discovery & Recovery Services
  • Business Licenses
  • Personal Property Tax
  • Sales & Use Tax


Avenu’s team of Misallocation experts do the work to detect and correct errors caused by underreporting and misallocation. We review records and registrations to find patterns and anomalies, and then act quickly to ensure our customers receive all the tax revenue they’re entitled to.

Misallocation Services Support
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • District Tax
  • Property Tax

Unclaimed Property Solutions

Our software solutions simplify the processing, management, and reporting of unclaimed property, encouraging compliance and identifying new sources of revenue. Holders gain access to powerful reporting tools, and constituents get reconnected with their rightful property, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Unclaimed Property Solutions For States
  • Unclaimed Property Management Solutions
  • MissingMoney.com
  • Unclaimed Security Custody

Unclaimed Property Solutions For Holders
  • HRS Pro Reporting Software
  • Annual Compliance

Administration Services

Today’s citizens expect more from the digital platforms they use. That’s why Avenu works with government clients to create comprehensive software solutions that boost efficiency for governments and the communities they serve. Backed by nationwide experience and a dedicated support team, our administrative software solutions streamline day-to-day operations, driving real results for government officials across a wide array of service areas.
  • Digital Processing Services
  • Finance, HR & Property Tax Solutions
  • IT Managed Solutions
  • Justice Solutions
  • Pension Administration
  • Records Solutions
  • Tax & License Administration

Digital Processing Services

Safeguard your community’s history by digitizing all your historical, legal, financial, and administrative records. Avenu’s Digital Processing Services include the digitization of an unlimited number of documents in any format, size, and condition.
  • Comprehensive Digital Imaging
  • Film Preservation & Duplication
  • Document Search & Indexing
  • Image to Microfilm
  • Book Preservation & Re-Creaction
  • Archival Storage & Recovery
  • Digital Transcription Services
  • Document Redaction

Finance, HR & Property Tax Solutions

Increase operational efficiency, control, compliance, and transparency with leading industry Finance, HR & Property Tax software solutions.

Clearview Property Tax and Valuation Suite
Three Powerful Software Tools Work as One Dynamic Suite or Independently With any Third Party System
  • Clearview Valuation Manager
  • Clearview Valuation Analytics
  • Clearview Property Tax Suite
Finance & Human Resources
Modernize Your Technology for Sound Management Through our Finance & HR Solutions
  • Banner Finance
  • Banner Human Resources
  • New Roads

IT Managed Solutions

Get one trusted touchpoint for your entire IT infrastructure with IT Managed Solutions by Avenu. Our powerful solution supports IT areas including program and project management, help desk, security, backup, disaster recovery, network management, infrastructure, software as a service, hosting, and cloud enablement.
  • Program and Project Management
  • Security, Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Hosting/Cloud Services
  • Book Preservation & Re-Creaction
  • Additional IT Service Offerings
  • Citizen Support Services

Justice Solutions

Accelerate processes for the Courts and constituents across your justice system with our Clearview Suite. Our end-to-end court case and jury management solutions provide powerful functions and advanced workflows to meet the needs of today’s court systems and citizens’ expectations for convenient and mobile experience.
  • Clearview Court
  • Clearview Jury
  • Clearview Justice Portal

Pension Administration

Modernize your retirement administration with Clearview Pension Administration Solution (CPAS) — a complete enterprise solution for government and private pension plans, sponsors, union trusts, third-party administrators and financial institutions.

What to expect from CPAS
  • Process Efficiency
  • Modern Customer Experience
  • Flexible & Scalable Platform
  • Implementation & Support
  • Deployment Options
  • Creative Actuary

Records Solutions

Streamline your day-to-day operations with Records Solutions by Avenu. Our web-based system allows recorders and clerks to consolidate entries into a digital database that seamlessly indexes, files, searches, images, redacts, and reports records in compliance with constitutional requirements.

Records Solutions Products & Services
  • Clearview Records Manager
  • Clearview Super Search
  • Title Record Management
  • Fee Collections
  • Clearview Grids

Tax & License Administration

Drive efficiency by simplifying your team’s administrative processes. Avenu’s Tax & License Administration software and services can help your government get ahead of day-to-day operations while reducing long-term costs.

Tax & License Administration Products
  • BizLicense Online
  • RevSolutions
  • SalesTaxOnline Document