Strengthening Government Solutions: Avenu Insights & Analytics Expands with Strategic Acquisitions

We announced two strategic acquisitions that significantly enhance our service offerings in the government technology sector. The first acquisition is of Finvi’s State and Local Government Division, a pivotal addition that broadens our capabilities in revenue recovery and administrative solutions for state and local governments. This integration brings Finvi’s advanced cloud-based payment solutions and court-related software into Avenu’s extensive portfolio, promising improved service delivery and operational efficiencies.

Building on this momentum, Avenu has also acquired Judicial Innovations. This acquisition further enhances our Justice Solutions suite, which includes comprehensive court and jury management systems. By incorporating Judicial Innovations’ innovative cloud-based payment and case management systems, we continue to strengthen our ability to offer integrated, state-of-the-art solutions that meet the dynamic needs of government agencies and the communities they serve.

These acquisitions underscore Avenu’s commitment to providing cutting-edge, integrated solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations. We are dedicated to evolving our service offerings to address the challenges faced by state and local governments, ensuring they have the tools needed to serve their constituents effectively.