Streamlining Municipal Payments: An 8-Part Series on Our New Payment Solutions

Welcome to an eight-part series to learn more about our recent acquisition, Interware Development, explore Avenu’s new payment solutions, and better understand how Interware became a leading software provider for state and local government. Today we provide an overview and will be taking a deep dive in subsequent issues to explain how each of our solutions can help municipalities streamline efficiencies and improve cash flow.

Interware’s software provides a complete set of tools for credit card processing, for both web and retail applications, that can be utilized independently or integrated with existing vendor software applications. Interware’s client-server applications, Avenu | Permitting & Licensing (formerly ClerkWorks) and Avenu | Fund Accounting (formerly FundWorks), directly integrate with the payment processing solutions: EB2Gov, Virtual Terminal, and EPay2Go Mobile Application. Learn more about each solution:

  • EB2Gov is an online payment portal for an array of online services including, motor vehicle registrations, dog licensing, property taxes, utility billing, permits, and custom miscellaneous payments.
  • Virtual Terminal a secure web-based point-of-sale revenue collection portal that facilitates in-person and by-phone transactions. Virtual Terminal accepts various payment types including cash, check, EMV chip & PIN, standard swipe, manual credit card entry, and contactless payments.
  • Our credit card solutions support Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express in addition to ACH processing applications through our payment processor, Heartland Payment Systems. Interware protects credit card data with a variety of EMV-enabled devices and maintains PCI Compliance with tokenization and end-to-end encryption.
  • Electronic Checks are a cost-effective electronic payment method that gives customers the convenience of paying bills from their checking account. By accepting electronic checks, municipalities save time and eliminate the need to collect and deposit checks.
  • EPay2Go is a fully customizable mobile application for PAX Smart Terminals that allows agents to process credit card transactions anywhere. This mobile application can be used at transfer stations, recreation events, polices stations, tax kiosks, and more.
  • Avenu | Permitting & Licensing is a registration, licensing, and point-of-sale software solution. This solution processes credit cards directly in the system and facilitates data synchronization to the online payment portal EB2Gov. Modules include Vehicle Registrations & Titles, Point-of-Sale, Licensing, and Boat Registrations.
  • Avenu | Fund Accounting is a suite of fully integrated invoicing modules, including Property Taxes, Utility Billing, and Miscellaneous Billing.