STR Compliance Portal FAQ

Q: What makes Avenu STR Digital Download better than the other Short Term Rental Compliance products out there?
A: For some jurisdictions starting out with learning about STRs in their community, this product is at an affordable price point and full of value.

Q: What makes Avenu STR Digital Download better than the other Vacation Rental Tourism Analytics products out there?
A: It includes compliance focus like business license matching, edit mode, continuous monitoring features, etc.

Q: Are there any discounts or promotions?
A: The price points for Digital Download are based on inventory count for your jurisdiction. We have provided everyday low prices to remain competitive with other tools out there.

Q: What if I purchase the access, and I’m not satisfied with the offering?
A: Unfortunately, there are no refunds offered when purchased in Digital Download. Avenu STR may provide you a complimentary one-time dashboard report, so you can gauge if it’s worth digging deeper.

Q: How customizable is the STR Digital Download for my specific jurisdiction’s needs?
A: We offer a range of customization options for the STR Digital Download, including custom shapefile setup, custom reporting formats, and add-ons like licensee cross-checking and scoring, edit mode, case management, and AI modules. Some of these customizations may incur additional costs. If your needs are complex or specific, we recommend reaching out to an Avenu salesperson.

Q: How many user accounts can access the STR Digital Download?
A: The default setting allows for 1 user account. However, you can add up to 4 more user accounts for an additional fee. To maintain system integrity, we enforce “double login blocking” to prevent misuse of this feature.

Q: What is the process to get started with the STR Digital Download once I’ve made my purchase?
A: Once your purchase is complete and payment has been processed, our back office will set up your access to the system. From there, you’ll be able to log in and start using the features included in your package. Your Digital Download portal access will remain open until 12 months from date of purchase.

Q: Can I integrate my existing system with the STR Digital Download through an API?
A: By default, our API access is disabled. However, for data specialists requiring large bulk data or frequent data pulls, we can enable the API access for convenience. This would incur an additional fee.

Q: If I have a specific concern about the number of guests staying in a short-term rental, can the STR Digital Download help me monitor this?
A: Yes, we provide default reports that assume two people per bedroom when reporting overcrowding. If you have specific requirements, we can customize this feature for an additional fee.

Q: Can the STR Digital Download help manage my cases and compliance activities?
A: While this feature is disabled by default, we can enable it for a fee if you want to use our system for case management instead of, or in addition to, your own. This includes (a) edit mode, and making changes directly in the portal (b) adding compliance activity notes (c) on-screen compliance charts and filtering.

Q: Can I use the STR Digital Download to cross-reference and verify data?
A: Yes, we offer a cross-checking and scoring feature as an add-on, which involves an ETL engineer loading and cleaning the data. However, this service is priced separately, and larger data files might need more complex efforts.

Q: What kind of insights can I glean from the STR Digital Download?
A: The STR Digital Download provides insights about the short-term rental market in your jurisdiction, including top hosts, revenues, and case history in read-only mode. This allows you to track performance, trends, and patterns in your local STR market.

Q: Is STR Digital Download only sold to government agencies?
A: Yes, STR Digital Download is only sold to government agencies. Non governmental email addresses (.gov or .us) are permitted but will need to be verified once the subscription page is submitted.