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By implementing Avenu’s evaluation software solution, Clearview CLAIMSCONNECT, states help citizens instantly identify their escheated property and allows them to submit a claim online to recover the lost asset almost immediately. Avenu manages calls and adjudicates claims, automating the process in accordance with state criteria.

Call Management & Call Center Support

Our Claims Processing & Call Center helps states handle Claimant Inquiry, Document Processing and Adjudication Aspects of Paying Claims. Whether you need a long-term solution or extra manpower to handle heavy volumes, we tailor our flexible solutions to meet your specific needs.

Features & Benefits

Get full operational support

From inquiry to final payment, we handle every element of claims processing and adjudication. We manage all calls, review claims documents, and generate detailed service reports.

See greater accuracy and efficiency

With a history of success, our team can quickly validate even the most complex property claims in accordance with any state-specific criteria.

Get your office started with Claims Processing and Adjudication

See happier rightful owners and more efficient program operations today. Contact Avenu to learn how we’ll work with you to streamline unclaimed property claims management.

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Unclaimed Property Management Solutions
Unclaimed Property Management Solutions

Track accounts, holder reports, claims asserted and paid, and manage much more with Avenu’s advanced tools.

Unclaimed Security Custody
Unclaimed Security Custody

Consolidate all your custody and transaction needs using the best full-service team in the business.

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