Recapture the tax revenue your jurisdiction is owed.

Misallocation services support:

Sales & Use Tax

Businesses often remit payments without correct municipal registration. Other times, sales tax is incorrectly classified as use tax. Avenu can identify, document, and correct these issues across your jurisdiction.

District Tax

Avenu will dive into district tax data to identify taxpayers with potential misallocations, then create an action plan for reaching out to affected entities and correcting allocation misunderstandings.

Property Tax

Between administrative errors and omissions, tax code confusion, and general noncompliance, property tax misallocation is common. Avenu will put in the work to review, report on, and correct these shortfalls.

Driving results for jurisdictions like yours

Beaumont, Texas
Beaumont, Texas

How one tax audit opened the gates to millions in undiscovered, untouched city revenue.

santa rosa, california
santa rosa, california

How Avenu Insights & Analytics uncovered over $22 million in revenue by putting citizens first.

Related solutions

Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics

From data organization to revenue forecasting, Avenu delivers powerful software and professional insight, allowing governments to assess, project, and measure revenue opportunity.

Discovery & Recovery
Discovery & Recovery

Reveal and claim new and untapped revenue sources. We perform customized analyses to uncover lost tax and license funds, then work with local businesses to realize your revenue potential.

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