Compliance Auditing

Identify and address patterns of noncompliance.

Compliance Auditing Services

Alcohol Tax

Are you seeing your jurisdiction’s full revenue potential from restaurants, bars, and stores? Find out with Avenu.

Business License Tax

Grow revenue and insight with Avenu’s comprehensive inventory of registered businesses and potentially underreporting entities.

Business/Occupational Tax

If your state or municipality collects business and occupation tax, our teams can audit gross income to ensure you’re seeing the full picture.

Cannabis Tax

Get the full picture of developing cannabis industries in your area. Avenu breaks down each business by category for complete clarity and compliance.

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Franchise Fee Tax

Discover lost revenue from area franchises with Avenu’s detailed examination of ordinances, operations, and financial records.

Gasoline Tax

Make sure you’re seeing revenue for every gallon of gasoline sold within your district.

Hotel/Motel Tax

Recover resources and strengthen relationships with area hotels with Avenu’s multi-year audits and ongoing monitoring.

Income Apportionment Services

Gain full insights into every business’s income apportionments as they apply to local taxes pursuant to constitutional, equitable, or market-based sourcing.

Rental & Lease Tax

Landlords within your jurisdictions may be tax noncompliant for a variety of reasons. Now you can correct and collect every instance.

Sales & Use Tax

Preserve and enhance revenue from your city’s sales and use tax. Avenu identifies and corrects improper reporting to ensure future compliance.

Severance Tax

Identify noncompliance in areas of gross production, including extracted oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, and timber.

Short-Term Rental

Deep dive into local ordinances, regulations, statutes, and laws to uncover potential fraudulent reporting practices and bring STRs back into compliance

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Solid Waste

Uncover the resources your governance may be missing in the form of unclaimed solid waste hauler licenses and fees.

Sugary Sweetened Beverage Tax

Taxes on sugary drinks are new for many business owners — meaning greater incidence on noncompliance that Avenu can address.

Tobacco Tax

How much tobacco tax revenue should you be expecting, and where are funds missing? Avenu can help you find the answers.

Utility Users Tax

Identify and correct utility user tax errors — and protect your existing budget amidst new legislations and technologies.

Driving results for jurisdictions like yours

“Avenu’s professionals understand ordinances and cable franchise agreements. They identified fee shortages and negotiated a settlement for the full amount of underreported revenue.”

Hope C. Tribble, Performance Director

City of Indianapolis, IN

Beaumont, Texas
Beaumont, Texas

How one tax audit opened the gates to millions in undiscovered, untouched city revenue.

Santa Rosa, California
Santa Rosa, California

How Avenu Insights & Analytics uncovered over $22 million in revenue by putting citizens first.

Related solutions

Discovery & Recovery
Discovery & Recovery

Reveal and claim new and untapped revenue sources. We perform customized analyses to uncover lost tax and license funds, then work with local businesses to realize your revenue potential.


Are your funds being wrongfully remitted to other jurisdictions? Our experts will investigate lost district taxes, property taxes, and sales and use taxes to recapture the revenue your jurisdiction is owed.

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