Pension Administration

Streamlined benefit administration at every stage.

CPAS manages and delivers everything administrators, employers, members and retirees need. As a single system for the administration of all plan types and functions, administrators gain a holistic view of members’ records, and members can access self-service portals with benefit calculation and retirement planning tools to prepare for their futures.

With CPAS’ integrated administrative functionality, business workflow processes, self-service portals and data management capabilities CPAS customers see greater administration efficiencies — and deliver exceptional service.

Flexibility is critical to your operations, so we’ve made it core to our software. CPAS adapts to changes in plan designs, legislation, and advancements in administration practices, making it simple and easy to maintain.

What to expect from CPAS:

Process Efficiency

Get key data quickly with configurable workflows and automated pension calculations.

A user-friendly design for administrators with dashboards, task management and event-based workflows makes the system easy to use. And as an expert system, CPAS determines the benefits available to a member based on their plan participation and data —and calculates and presents only the benefits to which the member is entitled.

The system integrates all functions, data, and services on a single platform, so there is no need to leave the application to retrieve information from another system or source. Since every member, retiree, and administrator can spend less time dealing with the system, all services are more direct, more valuable, and more efficient.

Modern Customer Experience

We believe a member or employer service event should be personal, helpful, and quick. CPAS is web-based, giving administrators, employers, members, and retirees access to the information they need in a few easily navigated screens.

Integrated mobile and self-service portals provide members secure access to their personal benefit information, calculation functions, and communications. CPAS’ retirement modeling, planning, and calculation tools allow members to be more proactive as they plan their futures.

Flexible and Scalable Platform

CPAS is scalable and configurable for small, mid-sized, and large organizations. Multiple plan types and multi-jurisdictional requirements are managed from a single integrated system and database. With its configurable, table-driven rules and actuarial engine, CPAS is readily updated and maintained as plan designs, legislation, or pension administration practices change.

Adding a new plan, employer or member service is easy. CPAS employs a unique “globalized” architecture for simplified configuration to virtually any requirement.

Implementation and Support

The success of any large-scale pension system integration and modernization project depends on the right combination of people, process, and technology. Our high performance CPAS teams employ strong project management, proven tools, and effective methodologies to provide a solid foundation for success.

In 2001, CPAS became the first North American pension administration software firm to be registered to the ISO 9001 quality standard  –  our commitment to unmatched, world-class quality in our services and products.

Deployment Options

As a web-based application that runs on modern technology, CPAS is suited for deployment on premise, cloud-hosted, or as a software as a service offering. All our CPAS deployment options deliver the security, scalability, and operational control your organization needs. Our experts will work with you to determine the solution that is right for your organization.

Creative Actuary

Creative Actuary helps actuaries, attorneys, accountants, financial planners, benefit administrators and insurance professionals calculate annuity values with ease, accuracy and speed.  Creative Actuary performs the calculations you need the most while also executing complex calculations using segregated rates and generational mortality tables.  With your own secure online account, you can store and retrieve individual calculations, export data, and improve actuarial modeling all with a program that is constantly updated to meet industry needs.

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