Library Management

Enriching communities through library management and community engagement programs

Library Management Services

Planning & Accountability

Avenu works alongside each community to establish goals and objectives that are aligned to your strategic plan. By defining core performance measures, we build a comprehensive turn-key operational plan that provides insight into library performance and delivers enhanced services to patrons.


Our executive library management team brings over 35 years’ experience working directly with library staff to optimize operations and provide secure IT support. Our MLS degreed librarians work directly with existing staff to support operational activities including library technology, ILS automation, circulation, marketing, community outreach, volunteer engagement, and customer service.


Through a comprehensive collection review, we place important emphasis on local interest and priorities. Local selection and continuity in inter-library loan arrangements help maximize volume purchasing practices while maintaining open access to information.

Programming & Outreach

We encourage lifelong learning for all ages through specialty programming that aligns with community interest. Through regular partnerships with local schools, home-schooling, and educational organizations Avenu helps plan and execute community-centric events and activities that fosters deep learning for all ages. Our marketing team provides hands-on support to help promote and deliver regular programming across each community.

Technology & Security

Our experienced IT support team ensures seamless transition of data and infrastructure that mirrors your current environment. We partner with you to build the future of library services through our integrated ILS System that helps personalize patron communication and marketing, streamline staff workflows, reduce system overhead, and improve patron services.

Volunteers & Friends

Volunteers are what makes good libraries great! Avenu’s works closely with Friends of the Library, volunteers, and community groups to provide training and support to ensure overall library vitality. We believe that a community of library peers sharing ideas, challenges and solutions is the best way to provide enhanced services to the community.

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