Managed Services

Complete IT support at every level.

Managed Services

Program and Project Management

Leave back-office functions to Avenu. Our management teams develop a thorough understanding of your operations — then employ our approach for managing quality, schedules, and costs, ensuring maximum value for your jurisdiction.

Security, Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your infrastructure against threats and be prepared to get back online quickly with Avenu’s methodology. Our teams safeguard your IT infrastructure and applications while enacting industry standards and regulatory compliance.

Infrastructure Management

Create a stronger IT foundation with Avenu’s support. We create smarter infrastructure and workflows by employing the right mix of hardware, software, telephone systems and print services, boosting availability and productivity where you need it most.

Hosting/Cloud Services

Get Avenu support without sacrificing your onsite IT operations. We can maintain and scale legacy systems as needed, or migrate them to the cloud to reduce capital costs, increase technology efficiency and remove risk.


Avenu drives excellence with a broad range of IT solutions, including help desk support, security services, data storage, end-to-end application support, and more. Talk to our tech leaders to determine how we can apply modern IT strategy to your infrastructure.

Citizen Support Services

Avenu provides library management and community engagement programs that supports open access to information and secure learning environments for citizens.

Improve material collection, enhance programming and outreach, and empower your community through partnerships that foster lifelong learning.

Driving results for jurisdictions like yours

Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Monroe County, Pennsylvania

How Avenu Built IT Solutions for the Digital Age

santa rosa, california
santa rosa, california

How Avenu Insights & Analytics uncovered over $22 million in revenue by putting citizens first.

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records solutions
records solutions

Upgrade your land, court, and other vital records to a single digital database. Includes document scanning, transcription, redaction, storage, search, archiving, and more.

Tax & License Administration
Tax & License Administration

Seamlessly integrate taxpayer data and payment processing into one system. Generate powerful custom reports on both local and statewide taxpayer trends.

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It’s possible to reduce IT costs while boosting security and citizen experiences. Contact our team to see what an Avenu-backed strategic technology plan looks like.

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