Simplify Revenue Collection with Avenu’s Permitting & Licensing Solution

Avenu’s powerful Permitting & Licensing solution helps local governments manage their registration, licensing, and permitting processes more efficiently. Our software solution allows local governments to maintain accurate and up-to-date records, and easily track license and permit data, including renewal dates, fees, and other critical information. With features such as credit card processing, support for multiple license types, scanning capabilities, local governments can streamline their processes, reduce citizen wait times, and improve the overall customer service experience for citizens. 

Avenu’s Permitting & Licensing solution is tailored to the specific needs of local governments and offers the ability to process permits and licenses all in one location. The system caters to the jurisdiction’s needs, including setting up collection for parking permits, beach stickers, wetland permits, and other services. By using a single software solution for all of these services, local governments can streamline their processes and improve efficiency. Additionally, this added convenience saves citizens time and ensures that all necessary services can be completed in one visit.  

One of the primary benefits of Avenu’s software is the ability to accept electronic payments both online and in person. This allows citizens to conveniently pay for their licenses and permits from the comfort of their homes or in-person at their local government office. By accepting electronic payments, local governments can increase revenue and reduce costs associated with handling cash and checks. 

Another major software benefit is its scanning capabilities enabling clerks to scan licenses and permits, which can help reduce data entry errors and speed up the collection process. Avenu’s software works in conjunction with electronic signature pads, which capture a citizen’s signature a single time, eliminating the need to sign multiple forms or applications. These features all work together to reduce citizen wait times and improve the overall customer service experience. 

Finally, our solution offers an added layer of convenience for citizens by providing notifications of upcoming renewals via email or mail. This eliminates the need for citizens to remember renewal dates and ensure that everyone stays up-to-date with their permit and license requirements. Additionally, citizens can access their assets, fees, renewal dates, and payment history in the online payment portal, anytime from anywhere. 

Avenu’s modern licensing, permitting, and registration software offers a wide range of benefits for local governments, including increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction, and streamlined processes. By utilizing Avenu’s Permitting & Licensing solution, local governments can save time and resources while providing a better customer experience for their citizens.