South Carolina Family Court Case Management Goes Live

Sometimes it really does take a village to make things happen. And when it comes to the South Carolina Family Court Case Management System, it took most of the Justice Team and then some.

Avenu recently went live statewide, with Family Court Case Management System (SC FCCMS). The goal was to provide the State with modern platform they can use for years to come. The benefits for the state are enormous and include greater flexibility, improved efficiency, centralized data sources, better information sharing, preservation of data, and customer satisfaction and economies of scale.

The project was a massive undertaking with South Carolina’s 46 counties on a variety of different legacy case management systems.  This created the need for a massive data conversion effort from the legacy systems to FCCMS.

Avenu’s team tackled the project by using a phased development approach starting with three pilot counties that were followed by four regional deployments. The last County to go-live was Charleston.

There is still much work ahead, but right now everyone should take a deep breath and let the success soak in, you deserve it,” shared Keith Ellery, Business Unit Leader. “It truly took an extraordinary effort from everyone involved. I’d like to thank each team member, our consultants and the larger Avenu organization for supporting our efforts.”