Finance & Revenue Solutions

Seamlessly connect holders, states, and rightful owners.

Streamline every stage of the unclaimed property process from reporting to payment. Avenu’s Finance & Revenue Solutions provide states with an intuitive system accessible by desktop application or online.

Our software simplifies the processing, management, and reporting of unclaimed property, encouraging compliance and identifying new sources of revenue. Holders gain access to powerful reporting tools, and constituents get reconnected with their rightful property, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently. 

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Clearview Solutions for States

Unclaimed Property Solutions

Track property, holder reports, and asserted and paid claims with advanced tools UPS2000 and Expert UPS, plus features including Holder Report Processing and Owner Outreach.

Give rightful owners the power to search nationwide with the only multi-state site endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

Unclaimed Security Custody

Consolidate unclaimed stocks and properties into one online portfolio, where you can update corporate actions, transfer certificates, manage liquidations, and more.


Streamline the claims process. Reduce manual review through our Fast Tracking Software that automatically matches claimant to lost funds. Avenu also takes a hands on approach by managing calls and adjudicates claims, authorizing payments in accordance with state criteria.

Clearview Solutions for Holders


Prepare and deliver unclaimed property reports to any state using our intuitive formats – available by web or desktop.


Annual Compliance

Stay compliant by tracking changes in law throughout the U.S. and delivering timely and accurate annual reports to any state. Available for all types of reportable assets, including General Ledger items, Stocks, Bank Accounts and more.

Technology for Local Government

Avenu’s software tools give government leaders the clarity and capability to streamline their tax, budgeting, and licensing processes.

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Visualize your city’s goals with graphical reports, including statewide trends and customized analyses.



Seamlessly integrate taxpayer data and payment processing into one system. Registrations and returns are made simple to submit, download, and review.