Data & Analytics

When it comes to planning for your community, clear insights are crucial for staying on schedule and on budget. Avenu’s Data & Analytics combine decades of national and regional experience with advanced software for a precise snapshot of where your community stands today — and where you can take it next.

Reduce budgetary risk with data-driven forecasting. View detailed analyses of your sales tax composition, fluctuations, and performance. Avenu provides a comprehensive range of revenue information and insights.

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Clearview Analytics

Visualize your city’s goals with graphical reports, including statewide trends and customized analyses.

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Seamlessly integrate taxpayer data and payment processing into one system. Registrations and returns are made simple to submit, download, and review.

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Technology for Local Government

Avenu’s analytic tools give government leaders the clarity and capability to streamline their tax, budgeting, and licensing processes.

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Used by taxing authorities across the nation, RevSolutions is the most comprehensive system for recording and managing tax compliance.



Streamline the way businesses in your community file and remit licenses. Businesses can quickly and accurately file licenses and renewals, or save incomplete applications to resume later.