Compliance Auditing

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Every compliance issue adds to a growing gap in your community’s resources. That’s why Avenu employs a nationwide team of certified examiners and accountants whose region-specific expertise has uncovered millions in underreported taxes.

Avenu dives deep into local ordinances, regulations, statutes, and laws to uncover every opportunity for growth. Where we find irregularities, we also provide best practices and education to prevent future errors. With constant monitoring, examining, and correcting, Avenu ensures ongoing and level compliance across your community.

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Compliance Auditing supports:

Business Licenses

Grow revenue and insight with Avenu’s comprehensive inventory of registered businesses and potentially underreporting entities.

Sales & Use Tax

Preserve and enhance revenue from your city’s sales and use tax. Avenu identifies and corrects improper reporting to ensure future compliance.


Recover resources and strengthen relationships with area hotels with Avenu’s multiyear audits and ongoing monitoring.


Discover lost revenue from area franchises with Avenu’s detailed examination of ordinances, operations, and financial records.

Solid Waste

Uncover the resources your governance may be missing in the form of unclaimed solid waste hauler licenses and fees.

Utility Users Tax

Identify and correct utility user tax errors — and protect your existing budget amidst new legislations and technologies.

Cannabis Services

Get the full picture of developing cannabis industries in your area. Avenu breaks down each business by category for complete clarity and compliance.

Income Apportionment Services

Gain full insights into every business’s income apportionments as they apply to local taxes pursuant to constitutional, equitable, or market-based sourcing.

Technology for Local Government

Avenu’s software tools give government leaders the clarity and capability to streamline their tax, budgeting, and licensing processes.

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Visualize your city’s goals with graphical reports, including statewide trends and customized analyses.



Seamlessly integrate taxpayer data and payment processing into one system. Registrations and returns are made simple to submit, download, and review.