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Make better data-informed decisions with increased operational efficiency, control, compliance, and transparency. Avenu’s software solutions are tailored to deliver end-to-end, state-of-the-art support in Property Tax Billing, Collections & Valuations, Finance & Budgeting, and Payroll & Human Resources.

Eliminate operational bottlenecks. Boost office productivity. Enable your back office and field teams with industry leading technology to enhance and optimize day to day operations.

Clearview Property Tax and Valuation Suite

3 POWERFUL SOFTWARE TOOLS Work as 1 Dynamic Suite or independently with any 3rd Party System

Clearview Valuation Manager (CVM)

Enables Assessors & Appraisal teams to calculate property values using a variety of non-objective criteria and characteristics, and instantly report on key property information. See Overview

Clearview Valuation Analytics (CVA)

A GIS-based analytics toolset that is configurable with any CAMA system enabling Assessors & Appraisal teams’ insight to trends for property values and sales. See Overview

Clearview Property Tax Manager (PTM) 

Property Tax Billing & Collection is simplified with this automated system that manages the entire property tax cycle by creating, issuing, and collecting property tax bills.  See Overview

Finance & Human Resources

Modernize your technology for sound management through our Finance & HR Solutions.

Banner Finance

Whether it involves planning, procurement, budgeting, accounting, grant administration, accounts payable, or reporting and compliance; Banner Finance enables your staff to make better, data informed decisions. Banner Finance is the best solution to modernize your technology with for sound financial management.

Banner Human Resources (HR)

A modern, all-in-one HR platform that connects employee administration, position management, professional development, time and attendance, leave management and payroll. Enhance your HR workflow today to better support every aspect of the employee lifecycle.

New Roads

An end-to-end cost accounting application for county highway departments that provides complete cost information on completed projects and cost estimates for future projects. Equipped with a customizable chart of accounts and robust reporting across all categories including labor, equipment, inventory, customer, vendor, project, and road/job.


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Tax & License Administration
Tax & License Administration

Seamlessly integrate taxpayer data and payment processing into one system. Generate powerful custom reports on both local and statewide taxpayer trends.

Clearview Records Solutions
Clearview Records Solutions

Improve productivity and accuracy with an intuitive, yet advanced, end-to-end recording solution built for clerks and recorders.

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