From business to tax authority — seamlessly.

Cut out the constant hassle of filling out forms and opening endless envelopes. SalesTaxOnline simplifies every step of the sales tax filing process for businesses and tax authorities.

Avenu’s cloud-based software boosts efficiency and accuracy by integrating business data, payment processing, and the latest local taxation rates into one seamless system.

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File Anywhere

No more checks, forms, or envelopes: manage every step of the return and remittance process online.

Always Accurate

Get the most up-to-date taxation rates and statutes for your local jurisdiction — automatically.


Submit multiple state and local returns for your business with one set of credentials, all from one portal.

Secure Access

Log in as a business to file returns, or as a tax authority to download returns, view changes, and print reports.

Our Approach

Avenu works closely with local officials to identify, recover, and capitalize on untapped revenue for governments of all sizes.

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Discovery & Recovery

Boost your revenue with a customized analysis that identifies untapped taxes and licenses.


Compliance Auditing

Get a comprehensive audit specific to your region, backed by ongoing support for business compliance.