Clear the path to new revenue and insights.

Used by taxing authorities across the nation, RevSolutions is the most comprehensive system for recording and managing tax compliance.

Keep track of every account’s payment histories. Process taxes, licenses, and fees. Avenu’s software streamlines every aspect of your revenue administration and collection process in one intuitive database.

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Smart Reporting

Generate and print reports organized by top taxpayers, revenue apportionment, and district totals.

Streamlined Taxpayer Identification

Search your records, filtering compliant and noncompliant filers with the click of a button.

Our Approach

Avenu works closely with local officials to identify, recover, and capitalize on untapped revenue for governments of all sizes.

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Discovery & Recovery

Boost your revenue with a customized analysis that identifies untapped taxes and licenses.


Compliance Auditing

Get a comprehensive audit specific to your region, backed by ongoing support for business compliance.