Revenue Analytics and Understanding.

Local jurisdictions know about revenue volatility and the difficulty it poses for budgeting. Avenu’s Clearview is the missing part of a technology system that clarifies the past, present and future state of revenue streams.

Clearview identifies the trends and causes of revenue shifts using intuitive, graphical views. It summarizes by business category and segment, and allows in-depth examination of taxpayer details. Statistical models then support revenue forecasts using real-time data and what-if scenarios so that jurisdictions can anticipate revenue changes faster and make adjustments as necessary.

View this short video about Clearview.

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Customized Consultations

Get up-to-date forecasting, project analyses, and regulatory and legislative policy updates for your jurisdiction.

Data Visualization

See your revenue changes in the context of larger economic trends via interactive visualizations.

Detailed Analysis

Use drilldowns to view monthly, quarterly, and yearly tax results, as well as your top performing businesses.

Safe & Secure

Access Clearview anywhere you have an internet connection — our controlled user access protocols keep your data secure.

Our Approach

Avenu works closely with local officials to identify, recover, and capitalize on untapped revenue for governments of all sizes.

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Discovery & Recovery

Boost your revenue with a customized analysis that identifies untapped taxes and licenses.


Compliance Auditing

Get a comprehensive audit specific to your region, backed by ongoing support for business compliance.