The easier way for businesses to pay.

Streamline the way businesses in your community file and remit licenses. BizLicenseOnline enables business owners in Alabama, California, Georgia, and Louisiana to process payments anytime, anywhere with our powerful portal.

Businesses can quickly and accurately file licenses and renewals, or save incomplete applications to resume later. Completed license payments are automatically sent to local licensing authorities, minimizing errors and processing times. It’s all accessible from Avenu’s online portal — and backed by our team of licensing experts.

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Everything at Once

Manage licenses and renewals for one or several businesses by paying multiple fees at once.

Reduce Expenses

Cut down on costs and miscalculations — BizLicenseOnline automates payments correctly the first time.

Our Approach

Avenu works closely with local officials to identify, recover, and capitalize on untapped revenue for governments of all sizes.

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Discovery & Recovery

Boost your revenue with a customized analysis that identifies untapped taxes and licenses.


Compliance Auditing

Get a comprehensive audit specific to your region, backed by ongoing support for business compliance.