One Solution Modernizing the Jurors’ Experience and Streamlining Court & Jury Administration

As Courts continue to transition from being custodians of paper files to online publishers of information, the essential questions are: what records are accessible, to whom and how?  Clearview Justice Portal streamlines the constituent experience through public facing applications while providing instant Court document and information access.

Through public-facing mobile enabled applications, CJP offers a single and EXTENSIBLE PLATFORM that allows you to add any of the features listed below through separate plug-ins that fit your jurisdictional needs.

Create and distribute site-defined juror questionnaires that can be accessed via desktop, mobile, or tablet devices. Prospective jurors can seamlessly submit responses to questionnaires, request service postponements / deferrals and upload documentation for Court review – all at their own convenience.

Provide jurors with access to “contactless” attendance processing that eliminates lines and reduces day-of inefficiencies. CJP provides versatility for individual courts with geo-enabled “Do-It-Yourself” capabilities that include reminders, instructions, proximity-based check-in / check-out processing from mobile devices and extended payment options.

Both ad hoc and subscription-based access to Court and Clerks Office records is provided by this plug-in, enabling litigants, attorneys, businesses, etc. to view publicly available records without visiting the courthouse and unaided by Court personnel.

Easily display document images and provide direct, rapid, and easy access to official court information through CJPs digital document access plug-in. Through a single point of entry, constituents and other related stakeholders can digitally retrieve and access all related images that have been published by the Court through a search-based interface.

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