Omaha-Douglas County Brings Significant Benefits to Its District Court

A long-time Avenu jury client, the Omaha-Douglas County Nebraska District Court has formally kicked of a new Clearview Jury migration project with Avenu. Douglas County is the state’s most populous county, home to well over one-fourth of Nebraska’s residents. Its county seat is Omaha, the state’s largest city.

The Court will be migrating from the Juror for Windows JMS to Clearview Jury, and will also be implementing the Clearview Justice Portal (CJP)   Clearview Justice Portal (CJP) Juror Qualification and Juror Attendance plug-ins, as well as migrating to the Sonant VoIP IVR solution. The Avenu Team is working closely with the Douglas-Omaha Technology Commission (DOTComm), John Friend, Clerk of the District Court, and his jury staff.

The Juror Qualification plug-in completely modernizes the juror experience for citizens. It creates and distributes juror questionnaires to prospective jurors that can be accessed via desktop, mobile, or tablet. Prospective jurors can seamlessly submit questionnaires, request service postponements / deferrals and upload documentation for court review all at their own convenience.

The Juror Attendance plug-in provides jurors with access to “contactless” attendance processing that eliminates lines and reduces day-of inefficiencies. CJP also provides versatility for individual courts with geo-enabled “Do-It-Yourself” capabilities that include reminders, instructions, proximity-based check-in/ check-out processing from mobile device and extended payment options.

Additionally, the Omaha-Douglas County Nebraska District Court will receive the following benefits:

  • Gain immediate access to the new technology provided by CJP
  • Clearview Jury has significant functional and ease-of-use advantages over Juror for Windows
  • Reduce cost and time of maintaining application environments by moving from a client/server architecture to a web-based environment
  • Readily maintain technical currency

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