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Making this year’s GovTech Top 100 List was especially an honor with today’s heightened awareness to IT security threats around the globe, coupled with the demand for remote and instant access to data. Jurisdictions go to this list to find companies who are adequately prepared to help their organization prepare for the demands they face. Update your signature by including the photo at the bottom (see picture and instructions below).

How to update your email signature on Outlook

  1. In the upper right-hand corner, select “File”
  2. In the blue left column, select “Options”
  3. A box will pop-up. In the left-hand column of the box, select “Mail”
  4. To the right, under Compose Messages, select “Signatures” (see below)

  1. Copy and paste the following signature block and update with your information. Fonts and type sizes should all stay the same.



Avenu Insights & Analytics
Local address (if you are remote you can put your city and state)




  1. In the bottom right corner of the box, select “OK”
  2. Another box will appear, in the bottom right select “OK”