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Avenu Insights & Analytics Wins Prestigious M&A Atlas Award

Avenu Insights & Analytics, a global leader in administration and revenue recovery solutions for governments, recently received the coveted “Deal of the Year” award in the Gov/Tech industry for their acquisition with Interware Development. This remarkable success was recognized at the M&A Atlas Awards, honoring achievements in the USA mid-market communities. The award-winning acquisition positions Avenu for a bright future, enabling them to better serve their customers and revolutionize the way governments handle payment processing and citizen services.

Streamline Revenue Collection with Avenu Fund Accounting

Keep up with increasing demand for faster and more convenient payment options, local governments are seeking to streamline their financial management processes. Avenu’s fund accounting software provides fully integrated invoicing modules for property tax, utility billing, and miscellaneous billing, all designed to work together to streamline revenue collection and reduce administrative costs. By providing a centralized location for all invoicing modules, tracking historical data, and accepting electronic payments, Avenu’s solution enables jurisdictions to manage their finances more effectively and provide better services to their constituents.

Webinar: Mastering STR Ordinances: Essential Tips for Texas Government Leaders

The rise of short-term rentals (STRs) is creating a new set of regulatory challenges for government leaders. This webinar recognizes the exponential growth of STRs in Texas and highlights the challenges faced by cities and towns in keeping up with this expanding sector. If you’re concerned about how to navigate this issue in your jurisdiction, this webinar offers invaluable insights into STR ordinances and regulations in Texas. You will gain practical knowledge, best practices, and tips to ensure regulatory compliance and foster a thriving STR industry while safeguarding your communities.

Connecting Communities: The Power of Podcasting for Local Governments

Looking to modernize your government leadership and better connect with your community? In this episode, we explore the world of podcasts for local governments with special guest Ramiro Adeva, Assistant City Manager for Agoura Hills, CA. Ramiro shares how his lively podcast series has captured the attention and hearts of his community, and provides tips and tricks for local governments looking to create their own successful podcast. Don’t miss out on this must-have communication tool for state and local governments!

Webinar: Digital Payments: Transforming Revenue Collection for Local Government

As technology advances and digital payments become increasingly popular, it’s crucial for local governments to stay current with the changing needs of their constituents. With Avenu’s payments solutions, you can stay ahead of the curve by providing a wide range of payment options both online and in-person. To demonstrate the impact of electronic payments, we shared a success story from one of our customer to showcase how implementing user-friendly payment options can significantly enhance constituent satisfaction and engagement.

Simplify Revenue Collection with Avenu’s Permitting & Licensing Solution

Avenu’s powerful Permitting & Licensing solution helps local governments manage their registration, licensing, and permitting processes more efficiently. Our software solution allows local governments to maintain accurate and up-to-date records, and easily track license and permit data, including renewal dates, fees, and other critical information. With features such as credit card processing, support for multiple license types, scanning capabilities, local governments can streamline their processes, reduce citizen wait times, and improve the overall customer service experience for citizens. 

Avenu Launches Cloud-based Unclaimed Property Management Solution – Avenu | Connect

Introducing the Future of Unclaimed Property Management: Avenu | Connect Provides an All-in-One Unclaimed Property Platform for State Officials

Avenu Insights & Analytics (Avenu) is pleased to announce the nationwide launch of its latest Unclaimed Property solution, Avenu | Connect, designed specifically for State governments. This state-of-the-art SaaS solution integrates over 15 important applications used by State Unclaimed Property offices into a single, secure, and comprehensive platform.

The Mayor Married Who?

Tim Casey, a veteran City Manager and author of the book “The Mayor Married Who?, A look at the lighter side of a 40 year career in City Management.” Tim shares his experiences and insights on local government, offers strategic advice for those aspiring to become City Managers.

Avenu’s Alliance Program Empowers Local Governments to Maximize Revenue and Improve Operations

Avenu Insights & Analytics is proud to announce the launch of our Avenu Alliance program, an initiative that strengthens our partnership with state and local governments, providing them with subject matter expertise to help them maximize their revenue, maintain compliance, and improve their operations. 

Avenu Partners with League of Oregon Cities to Provide Expertise and Support to Local Governments

Partnership to Help Cities Maximize Revenue, Ensure Compliance, and Improve Operations

Avenu Insights & Analytics (Avenu), the leading provider of revenue recovery and administration solutions for state and local governments, is proud to announce its partnership with the League of Oregon Cities (LOC). As part of this collaboration, Avenu will offer its expertise in various subjects to cities across Oregon, helping them maximize revenue, maintain compliance, and improve their operations.

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