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California Policy Update / Legislative Proposals

This comprehensive report covers legislation introduced to-date during the 2019 California legislative session.  To-date over 2,628 measures have been introduced and many impact local revenues and administration. Issues include, sales tax exemptions, Wayfair implementation, property tax/redevelopment, recording fees, cannabis/hemp, gambling, utility users tax, business license, consumer privacy, housing funding, water, contracting and other issues.

Court Rules Against Short-term Rental Companies

By Jonathan Gerth, Esq., Avenu Vice President of Tax and Audit Services

Smart Government Is Simple Government for County Clerks/Recorders

Saish Gadamsetty has been building systems for county clerks and recorders for nearly two decades. Here he discusses the changing nature of these professional roles, how today’s technology supports the shift, and how this leads to improved citizen engagement.

How Governments Can Address the Document Deluge

Ann Kirkbride is Avenu’s senior product manager for the Digital Processing Group. For much of her career she has served state and local government by introducing  records management technologies such as OCR data extraction and intelligent automation for auto-indexing/redaction. Here she discusses the state of records management for governments and solutions to keep serving citizens in the decades ahead. 

Economic News and Trends

Get an updated snapshot of national economic data for multiple industries that can support your municipal and county planning.  This report includes holiday 2018 spending trends and 2019 economic forecasts.

California Policy Update / Legislative Proposals

This report reflects selected legislation introduced to-date impact local revenues and administration.   Issues include, sales tax exemptions, Wayfair implementation,   property tax/ redevelopment,  recording fees,  cannabis / hemp,  gambling,  utility users tax,  business license,  consumer privacy,   housing funding, water and other issues.

Records Management Expert Joins Advisory Board

Shirley Concolino Brings Expertise in Local Government

Feb. 21 Webinar: How to Claim More Franchise Fees for Your City or County

Hear Avenu’s Jonathan Gerth, Esq. explain how jurisdictions can get more franchise fee revenue from these types of utilities:

Meet the Executives: David Lemoine, Avenu’s Expert in Unclaimed Property

A former Maine state treasurer and vice president of Avenu’s Finance & Revenue division, David Lemoine is someone that everyone wants to know. He facilitates receipt and distribution of unclaimed property by state governments, which runs into the billions of dollars. Here he discusses that part of a state government’s mission, how Avenu’s private sector expertise is a necessary part of fulfilling that, and what to expect from a future with more unclaimed property.

Formal Regulations Adopted Implementing Cannabis Control

The Bureau of Cannabis Control regulations take effect immediately.  Contact our experts listed in the report for implementation requirements, including new laws pertaining to delivery and to discuss new proposed legislation.

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