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Avenu Insights & Analytics Announces Partnership with UCLA Anderson Forecast

October California Legislative Update

The October California Legislative Update provides a broad review of bills that were signed into law by Califonia’s Governor, Gavin Newsom.

Where Technology and History Meet: How Digital Tech Is Giving Old Documents New Life

For centuries, local governments across the United States have been keeping historical records of land ownership transactions. These records number billions of pages and go back to before the founding of the original British colonies. Government officials rely on these records to prove provenance of land ownership, and genealogists use them to research family trees.

Digital Citizens Deserve a Digital Court System

America’s court system is ready for a change. Our citizens are more digitally empowered than ever before, but our courts and juries are mired in outdated manual processes and burdensome paperwork. For many Americans, jury service is a chore that wastes too much time and is far too confusing.

Why and How Local Governments Should Start Automating During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted the economy. As a result, tax revenue is down, and many local governments are struggling to withstand significant budget shortfalls.

Avenu Insights & Analytics Provides Pike County Ohio with a Cloud-Based Records Solution

Avenu Insights & Analytics Launches the Clearview Justice Portal

Cook County Renews Existing Relationship with Avenu Insights & Analytics to Provide Records Management Solution

Webinar: Clearview Valuation Analytics

The newest technology for Appraisers and Assessors is here! Clearview Valuation Analytics (CVA) is a powerful GIS-based tool that integrates with any CAMA system.

Webinar: Clearview Valuation Manager Demo

Avenu recently released an update to Clearview Valuation Manager, our end-to-end valuation & tax suite. CVM is part of our Clearview Property Tax Suite tailored for State and Local Government Treasurers, Tax Collectors, Auditors and Assessors. The new product suite contains three stand-alone modules that work together or independently with any third-party system.

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