The Village of Pinecrest, FL Partners with Avenu to Identify and Monitor Short-Term Rentals

Congratulations to Yolanda Watkins for adding the Village of Pinecrest, FL as one of Avenu’s newest clients. What makes this win exciting is that it is expanding one of Avenu’s newest applications – Short Term Rental Compliance.

Airbnb’s, VRBOs, and a host of other vacation rental platforms makes it easy for people to rent their rooms and entire homes. However, regulating short-term rentals (STRs) is becoming a growing concern for local governments across the country. Noise, trash, parking complaints and a drain on community services and resources are just a few of the impacts affecting local government leaders. Avenu currently works with local leaders to establish an effective short-term rental program that monitors STR activity, identifies active listings that are not registered, and assist with collection and administration of this critical revenue stream.

A suburb of Miami-Dade County, the Village of Pinecrest is home to approximately 18,000 residents and known as one of the ten best places in Florida for “quality of life.”. With its white picket fences, tree lined canopies, and beautiful homes and mansions, Pinecrest has become a popular destination place for tourists. Avenu is contracting with the Village to help identify short-term rentals.

Great job on this important win in one of our high-growth areas Yolanda!