Software Solutions Tailored for Minnesota


Make better data-informed decisions with increased operational efficiency, control, compliance, and transparency. Avenu’s software solutions are tailored for Minnesota to deliver end-to-end, state-of-the-art support in Property Tax Billing, Collections & Valuations, Finance & Budgeting, and Payroll & Human Resources.


Clearview Property Tax and Valuation Suite

Three powerful software tools that provide an end-to-end solution tailored to drive immediate results. Together, they work as one dynamic suite, but can also work independently and integrate with any 3rd party system.

    • Clearview Valuation Manager– Enables Assessors & Appraisal teams to calculate property values using a variety of non-objective criteria and characteristics, and instantly report on key property information.
    • Clearview Valuation Analytics – A GIS-based analytics toolset that is configurable with any CAMA system enabling Assessors & Appraisal teams’ insight to trends for property values and sales.
    • Clearview Property Tax Manager – Property Tax Billing & Collection is simplified with this automated system that manages the entire property tax cycle by creating, issuing, and collecting property tax bills.


Finance & Human Resources

Modernize your technology for sound management through our Finance & HR Solutions.

    • Banner Finance – Provides sound financial management through software that tackles planning, procurement, budgeting, accounting, research administration, accounts payable, or reporting and compliance.
    • Banner Human Resources – An HR platform that connects recruiting, onboarding, employee administration, position management, professional development, and performance reviews.
    • New Roads – An end-to-end cost accounting application for county highway departments that provides complete cost information on completed projects and cost estimates for future projects.