Passionate About Justice, Motorcycles & Veterans – Meet Layne Dunn

For 30 years, Layne Dunn has worked for and with the Courts. Avenu recently welcomed Layne back with open arms as a Business Analyst. Many years before today, Layne worked with the company for 14 years and has a keen understanding for what clients want and need. This understanding may come more from Layne’s experience working in the Court and having served as both a Court Administrator and a Jury Administrator. In this recent interview, we learn about Layne’s passion for Justice, Motorcycles & Veterans.

Welcome back to Avenu! How has your return been so far?
It’s great to be back. We have a very tenured staff, so it has been great to reconnect with so many colleagues and meet some new team members.

What drew you back to Avenu?
It is obvious that Avenu is dedicated to being a partner in our clients’ success and streamlining the jury service process for constituents. I am delighted in the maturity of our products. It is apparent that in addition to the Jury team’s own expertise that they consulted end-users to determine what features they needed in Clearview Jury and Clearview Justice Portal. These two justice applications provide features to make jury service a more pleasant experience for all involved.

How does Clearview Justice Portal make it a better experience for prospective jurors?
People generally do not jump for joy when they are summoned to serve jury duty. Serving has a bad reputation of being a slow and arduous process. Clearview Jury Portal automates what was once a paper driven process. Jurors can fill out their questionnaire online from their home computer or from a personal mobile device. If they are selected, they’ll receive all the information they need online. Anything that a prospective juror would need to call the Court with a question is provided online. They can even check-in using their phones from their car versus having to come in and wait in long lines.

This definitely seems to be a passion of yours. Can you explain why?
I take pride in knowing that the courts may change the minds of citizens and how they view their civic duty. It’s the corner stone of our country’s foundation and should be viewed as a privilege.

What roles have you served in working for the Courts?
I have worked as both a Court Administrator and Jury Administrator. Court staff have a difficult job; the tools provided by Clearview Jury and Clearview Justice Portal makes their jobs more efficient. This translates to a better experience for the juror. That’s why I’m excited about Clearview Jury – it’s AMAZING!  It will make the jobs of Jury Administrators so much easier. It’s easy to issue summons, manage those who need to be excused or who are disqualified, and check people in by scanning a barcode. Managing jury payrolls is quick and efficient. 

What do you do in your free time to relax?
My husband and I live in Oklahoma and have four motorcycles. We are “motorcycle enthusiasts.” Not only do we enjoy riding, but we also are involved in several charitable organizations. Every weekend we are booked to help raise money or awareness for one of the charities.

What are some of the charities you’re involved with?
Some weekends are so busy with our various motorcycle charities that we may not even touch a motorcycle.

ABATE of Oklahoma’s Share the Road  program was developed to teach automobile drivers how to more safely share the road with motorcycles. Over the last few years, we have taught nearly 16,000 teen drivers the dangers of distracted driving and how to be more aware when motorcycles are present. We focus on preventing the crash from ever occurring. I have been the grant writer and administrator for the last 7 years of this successful program.

Downed Bikers Association is a non-profit organization with the underlying goal is to provide emotional and financial support to those lost or confined to a hospital due to a motorcycle crash. DBA sponsors a monthly fund-raising event to support those injured or lost.

Flagpoles Honoring our Veterans surprises and honors our veterans by surprising them with a lighted flagpole. We come as group, present the flagpole, set it concrete and say the Pledge of Allegiance together. Dear friends of ours started this initiative and it has taken off with over 100 flagpoles installed last year and hundreds of requests pending in Oklahoma. Each Veteran’s Day we honor 22 veterans with a flagpole to bring awareness of the 22 veterans a day who take their own life. As a proud US Citizen, it is one of the most gratifying things I have ever done.

With your weekends so busy have you had a chance to take any long motorcycle rides?
In 2020, I took a solo trip and rode 2,500 miles and across five states in four days to deliver the eulogy for a close friend, which is emotional. Having that time to myself on the bike was cathartic and empowering at the same time to know that I could do it by myself.

What excites you about looking forward?
I’m excited to serve my community and support the charities that mean so much to me and my family. I’m also very proud to be able to make the jury system better for both the Courts and citizens. Having been a former Jury Administrator, Clearview Jury and Clearview Justice Portal are game changers in the industry. I’m excited to work with Jury Administrators and help give them well-developed and concrete tools to make their jobs easier. It’s like going from the Flintstones to the Jetsons…and I can’t wait to help them get there!